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Photoshop Beginner Tutorial – 1 of 10

This week, thanks to our intern Neha, we’re going to start a series of tutorial for beginners focused on basics photoshop tasks to help you understand the environment you’re working into and get over the common: “It’s too complicated for me” attitude! Let’s start talking about layers and background. The purpose of layers is to separate specific kind of edits to make life easier. On the plus side, you don’t destroy your image in fact you work … Read More


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Photography Genres (Part 2)

This month blog is part 2 of Photography Genres (Part 1) posted in June 29, 2012. On the first part we introduced you six type of photography such as Nature, Architectural, Aerial, Forensic, Macro and Astrophotography. In this article I am going to introduce you another six genres, so please be patient and follow us in this article and find your favorite genre.


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How to Get a Freelance Job in Bangkok

We have had thousands of people through our doors and a small but dedicated percentage of those people are here to begin a new career in web and or graphic design. Of those people the first question they ask me is how to get freelance jobs in Bangkok. A few weeks later they are turning down work and officially living and working in Thailand.  So what did I tell them? Let’s find out…


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10 CSS Submission Services Compared

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): do you think you’ve done a great job with your website? Your CSS coding is perfect? HTML one is remarkable as well? Now It’s time to advertise It. Here you could find 10 websites where to submit your masterpiece and spread some love with the connected world!