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Photoshop Beginner Tutorial – 2 of 10

We are already back with a new tutorial for our followers that are willing to start with that amazing product called Photoshop! It’s such a broad software that needs years to be mastered, but it’s never too late to start and have some fun! This tutorial will be focused on Selections and Masks.


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Studio Lighting – Part 1

We know that photography is painting with light so as a photographer we must read lights and control it for better photograph. Lights are everywhere, even in dark places where we think there is no light still the light exists. The biggest challenge for a photographer is to know how to manage and overcome the lighting.


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Photoshop Beginner Tutorial – 1 of 10

This week, thanks to our intern Neha, we’re going to start a series of tutorial for beginners focused on basics photoshop tasks to help you understand the environment you’re working into and get over the common: “It’s too complicated for me” attitude! Let’s start talking about layers and background. The purpose of layers is to separate specific kind of edits to make life easier. On the plus side, you don’t destroy your image in fact you work … Read More


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Photography Genres (Part 2)

This month blog is part 2 of Photography Genres (Part 1) posted in June 29, 2012. On the first part we introduced you six type of photography such as Nature, Architectural, Aerial, Forensic, Macro and Astrophotography. In this article I am going to introduce you another six genres, so please be patient and follow us in this article and find your favorite genre.