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14 Common Church Website Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Building a church website or any website might seem too big a task for most people but nowadays there are many web tools that can help you build a website from scratch. The problem is we are not all web designers and often mistakes are made  when building a Church Website. There are a lot of things to consider in creating a website for a church, for example, having a good layout, good images and videos, and … Read More


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Interview with Web Developer Mr James Rose, Aktura Technology

1) For those of you who don’t know you, can you please introduce yourself and your company Hey ! I’m James Rose. Me and my business partner Mark run a few businesses. The “parent” one is Aktura Technology and our new focus is Content Snare.   Aktura builds web based applications and software for a variety of businesses, but our sweet spot tends to be accountants and start-ups. Content Snare is our new SaaS product. It’s made … Read More


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July Roundup: 10 Tech Tools For Startups, Creatives & Savvy Users

Struggling with too many design processes that take too much time to achieve your final visual product? Searching through a ton of photography apps but none fits the bill? Or just started a business and want to utilise the best technology to help it grow? We understand these pain points, and that’s why we always bring you a host of exceptional tech tools to help make your work endeavours easier.Whether you are a web designer, content writer, … Read More


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Best Tools For UI Designers (2017)

Like many other design niches, UI designers are blessed with an array of tools that can help to make their work easier. We spoke to Golf, who is a Senior Graphic Designer and Ira, who is a Graphic Designer Intern, and asked them to share their experience while using these tools. Here’s what they had to say of  some of the top tools that UI designers are using in 2017 : Adobe XD The Adobe brand has … Read More


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June Roundup: 10 Tech Tools For Startups, Creative & Savvy Users [ISSUE #5]

If you have been following our monthly roundup of tech tools, you will know that there are lots of productivity hacks and invaluable apps out there for startup owners, photographers, web designers, creative writers, and more to utilize. This month, we have yet again gathered ten hot tools that are trending online which you can use for creative projects and beyond. Say hello to productivity and bye to time wasted! This month, we have yet again gathered … Read More


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20 Chrome Extensions To Keep You Focused

Lets talk about 20 Chrome Extensions that you can upload which will help you stay focussed on your priorities . 1.Google Dictionary This is a great app that lets you look up words as you read. No more switching back and forth on tabs trying to find out meanings of words. Google Dictionary is a great app for anyone!   2. Muzli Muzli is a Chrome extension that provides quick access to all that’s hot, new and simply … Read More


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May Roundup: 10 Tech Tools For Startups, Creatives & Savvy Users [ISSUE #4]

Everypixel Whether you are a blogger looking for an appropriate image to accompany your post or a new startup trying to advertise your products and services with catchy pictures, there are times where you need to make use of high resolution images, both paid and free stock. Everypixel helps you search for the most ideal image in AI powered manner by searching across 50 free and microstock sites. Working just like Google Images (the only difference being … Read More


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Interview with Marko Islamovic, CEO of Gigrove

1) Tell us something about yourself Marko ? Your background ? Hey my name is Marko Islamovic and I’m a founder & CEO of GigRove. ☺ I’m a generalist – But I mainly focus on product design & programming. For the past few years I’ve been trying to figure out how to help small businesses and independent workers with the help of our software, no matter where they are in the world. 2) Tell us about Gigrove … Read More


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Step by Step Facebook Ads Tutorial – Create Winning Campaigns

For instance, take this ad I created for The International Youth Conditioning Association. The goal was to drive traffic to a blog article “The Secret to Running Profitable and Rewarding Summer Camps”. Through this article, they attempted to sell a signature summer camp program to other fitness camps and gyms. What made this ad so commanding and profitable was the fact that this ad was tailored to their specific business objective. To drive traffic to their website, we … Read More


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Lead Magnets – The Perfect Landing Page

What Is a Lead Magnet? The first question is obvious: what exactly is a lead magnet? In online marketing terms, a lead magnet is a free offer you make to customers in order to encourage engagement. In most cases, brands will offer this incentive in exchange for a visitor’s email address. For instance, a digital marketing firm might offer a free e-book giving a crash course in SEO tactics. All that the customer has to do to … Read More