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The lack of progress in Web Design in Thailand

The Web is a wonderful technology, globally the web has evolved into something more than just flashy text flying around, the web has become a tool or a collection of tools that people use to do all kinds of things, from basic things such as searching for information to more advanced things like transferring money, reading reviews of stores or restaurants base on where you are on google maps, buying goods and services, online-banking, project management, even … Read More


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How Facebook Will Die

A few days prior to this post I updated my facebook status with a bold statement that I knew how facebook was going to die. In this post I explain my reasons while also giving some counter arguments in favour of the Social Networking giant that gets more hits than even the mighty Google I am not in any way against facebook, it has on the contrary been a wonderful tool for both my business and social … Read More


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Welcome to our new web site

The launch of our new web site is a really proud moment. We have put a lot of work into making things more simple and easy to use for new and existing trainees. We hope you like it and here Carl explains the reasoning behind some of the changes and highlights the new exciting features.