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An Interview with Chief Editor of Six Revisions – Jacob Gube

Name : Jacob Gube Company : Six Revisions Job Title : Founder and Chief Editor Twitter : What are your skills : PHP/ .NET/ Flash-ActionScript/ XHTML/ JavaScript/jQuery/MooTools & MySQL How did you get into the web design world?: I started designing websites as a hobby, when I was maybe about 15-16 years old. Professionally, I started out as a freelance graphic designer. But in the end, I found a lot more opportunities in web design and … Read More


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The 5 key elements to making a Viral Video

A viral video is the (usually) Youtube video that all your friends share on Facebook or website. The 15 or 20 email’s that your coworkers send with the subject line “Funniest thing ever!”. They are the short videos that get millions of views on may different websites around the world and they have no advertising, marketing to promote them and no Hollywood star acting in them so how on earth do the get spread so far and … Read More


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The lack of progress in Web Design in Thailand

The Web is a wonderful technology, globally the web has evolved into something more than just flashy text flying around, the web has become a tool or a collection of tools that people use to do all kinds of things, from basic things such as searching for information to more advanced things like transferring money, reading reviews of stores or restaurants base on where you are on google maps, buying goods and services, online-banking, project management, even … Read More