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8 tips for becoming a freelance web professional

Today, anyone can set out to work as a web freelancer, but there’s a big difference between being web freelancer and being a freelance web professional. The obvious keyword is ‘professional’ and it’s ultimately what separates those who fail from those who excel. Companies, project managers, and HR teams have no shortage of options when it comes to hiring freelancers for their design and development needs, and it’s not too difficult to spot the difference between a … Read More


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Internship, Self-Training and University: Who really cares about ME?

In short, what university’s offers to those looking to get into the web industry is the chance to learn mostly theory. There might be some practice involved but I have unfortunately come to notice that most university’s and college’s are teaching a few years behind current web standards. The Web Courses Bangkok internship, we use the newest software at the agency, so thus we also teach the newest versions to students.


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Opening for a Graphic Designer

Web Courses Bangkok is expanding its team and we are on the hunt for an experienced and talented Graphic Designer to work as part of our expanding team for both the school and design agency.