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How To Promote Your Etsy Store Using Social Media Marketing

Social media and e-commerce go hand in hand. As an online retailer, you are able to interact with potential buyers, increase traffic to your store and of course…generate more income. Believe me, the potential to build a very successful online store using social media is there. Just check the numbers. According to, in 2016, there was an estimated 1.61 billion people who purchased goods online. Which amounted to 1.9 trillion U.S. dollars and 12.1percent of these … Read More


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How to create a brand for an E-Commerce store

Designing a brand is a complex yet delightful kind of project. As designers, we have the opportunity to make research, define a concept, sketch, draw, experiment with fonts and mostly to transform the vision of a company into visual elements that are going to represent the day by day of a group of people. An activity where we should use creative strategies as an approach to resolve issues that involve a business in a social context. A … Read More


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Step by Step Facebook Ads Tutorial – Create Winning Campaigns

For instance, take this ad I created for The International Youth Conditioning Association. The goal was to drive traffic to a blog article “The Secret to Running Profitable and Rewarding Summer Camps”. Through this article, they attempted to sell a signature summer camp program to other fitness camps and gyms. What made this ad so commanding and profitable was the fact that this ad was tailored to their specific business objective. To drive traffic to their website, we … Read More


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Who Should You Outsource Your Live Chat To?

How does being able to answer sales enquiries outside your office hours sound? What’s more, if you are running an eCommerce website, having 24/7 live chat support is just going to help lift your bottom line.  If that’s what you’ve been looking for, this post will feature some of the leading live chat companies you can outsource your live chat support to. We will first take an introductory look at each live chat support provider before providing … Read More


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How to make wireframe for a stunning E-commerce website

The wireframe is a skeleton of the page. The design of wireframe is almost contained by boxes and text. It’s will let you get a rough idea about which topics or contents will be shown on which area of the page. It helps you to plan the layout according to the content that you need the users gets inform, priority and organize.   Prototyping is a kind of wireframe and you can add interactive functionalities or clickable … Read More


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How to make an E-Commerce Banner

Having a banner for your E-Commerce website is one of the helpful ways in attracting consumers to check out your products and make a sell. E-Commerce banner is a creative way of telling people about your newly arrived products, on-sale items, buy one-take ones, and other featured products. In creating an E-Commerce banner, you need to align the texture, exposure, shadowing, and clarity of your product image to the text, logo and background that you choose.


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Pay Pal, it is not the only fish in the sea.

Goodbye PayPal. We’re going fishing; time to find some decent alternatives to the monopoly for shadowed by Pay pal when it comes to online payments.  Why? Because we as costumer have to be able to choose a service that’s convenient and reliable to use.  Recently Pay Pal has made a few choices that have brought to light their true colors.  Their immoral business practices are now knowledge of the general populous and they have used the internet … Read More