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How to design a killer landing page

Landing page is very much like a book cover. It is the first thing that your potential customer sees when they enter your website. A good cover lures potential reader to pick up the book and eventually turns into fans; the same principle applies to your landing page. Despite the quality of your services or product, a poorly designed landing page could really drives customer away from your website in a matter of seconds. To prevent that … Read More


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Best of the Best Video Embedding Websites

The past few years have paved the way for the growing online influence and popularity of video content as more and more people across the world now get to enjoy easy access to the internet. Right now, videos are no longer for entertainment purposes but are also considered as a vital component for establishing a brand’s online presence and is virtually used in almost every industry.


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Inspiration Friday, Week 3

By the time Friday rolls around, we can all use a little brain stimulation by checking out some new and exciting developments in the web and design world. So once again, the team got together to share some of their latest sources of inspiration.