Course Overview

This course aims to walk you through all the basic features of cinematography and what makes for stunning video. Aspects of visual storytelling will be discussed alongside composing shots, visual lines, and guiding the audience’s eye in order to understand how to better edit.

You will also be taken through the functions of Adobe Premier, making sure you have a full understanding of what each and every tool can do and where to find it. We’ll teach you about the many different video formats and how to capture and upload the footage you shot.

From there we will help you develop more intermediate video editing skills, such as transitions and keyframes, knowing both how to use certain functions, as well as when and why to use them. You’ll also learn how to add use stylish graphics and text.

Additionally, you’ll be taught more advanced skills such as color grading and image balancing, making sure your videos get the perfect finishing touches for that professional style and feel.

Why Choose This Course:

If you’re an avid film maker, dream of becoming a film editor, or simply want to improve your home movies, this course will give you a full working understanding of Adobe Premier, the industry standard and one of the best editing tools out there.

Create your own YouTube channel

This course will give you the all important editing knowledge you’ll need to create your own vlogs and videos ready to upload to your channel. We’ll even give you lots of uploading tips and advice.

Take your editing skills to the next level

If you already have a basic knowledge of video editing, we’ll help you master more advanced features, and give you the ability to create stylish dissolves, graphics, and text displays for that more professional look.

Create a show reel worthy of any new filmmaker

Through your new Adobe Premier skills, you’ll not only be able to edit amazing videos, but you’ll also have the skills to create an impressive and professional looking show reel to show off your newfound talents.

What you will be able to do

  • Take your moving making skills to the next level with stunning cuts and a professional look.
  • Edit audio and images to create amazing music videos.
  • Build a professional looking video show reel.
  • Combine Adobe Premier with your Photoshop and graphic design skills.
adobe illustrator course

Send me the Course Outline

We’ll be happy to send you a full course outline and extra information about the course.

Meet Your Instructor

For well over a decade, Hecto has occupied himself in producing creative and innovative design for a variety of fields. His experience spans several subsets within the industries of film, print, and web design.

He likes helping people create their branding alongside the many forms of media and collateral that come with it.

Outside of the classroom, Hecto fills his time working on more traditional forms of art and seeing how to fuse them and with todays digital mediums.

When taking on a project, the final real-world application is crucial. Knowing the best way to deliver your message in digital form separates the mundane from the truly compelling.

Together, I build this insight with people in the classroom, to make sure their message is expressed with unique personality and skill above their peers.

Take an opportunity to ask how WCB and I can help you with your next project.


4 Lesson, 3 hrs per lesson 2 Weeks.

  • Mar Course
  • Wednesday 18th Mar
    10 am - 1 pm
  • Friday 20th Mar
    10 am - 1 pm
  • Tuesday 24th Mar
    10 am - 1 pm
  • Thursday 26th Mar
    10 am - 1 pm


All our courses come with loads of extras designed to help you learn in the best way for you. This includes:

  • Help and support during and after your course from your instructor.
  • Welcome to come in and work at the school during your time with us.
  • Reference worksheets for you to not only practice your skills and refer back for quick answers and reminders.

Friends = Discounts

For group courses, bring a friend and get 500 bht discount on your course. Bring a friend to a private class and get 50% discount on the cost of their course.

Group Class

  • 12 hrs group class
  • Friends = discount
  • Small groups, 8 maximum
  • Set class projects
  • Helpful worksheets
  • Refresher course for free*

9,500 bht 310 USD – 276 EUR

Choose a schedule

Hourly Private Class

  • Private Tuition p/h
  • 1-2-1 with your instructor
  • Choose your own schedule
  • Work on your project
  • Live class recording
  • Free Project consultation

1,750 bht p/h 57 USD – 51 EUR

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