This 2 full day workshop is ideal for teams who are looking for a clear structure on how to cultivate a Design Thinking mindset here in Bangkok.

The workshops are highly practical and focus on giving your teams step-by-step repeatable processes that they can apply as soon as they are back at their desk.

You will learn the methods for first identifying and understanding your target audience both internally and externally. From there the teams will learn methods for breaking down problems to better understand them.

What you get out the Bangkok design thinking workshop:

  • Improved decision-making process
  • Tools to frame complicated and complex business problems
  • Better understanding on how to empathise with your users
  • Quickly validate test functional prototypes
  • The principles, processes and elements of design thinking that supports business and organizational goals
  • Structure, facilitate and evaluate a design thinking process.
  • Turn ideas and concepts into prototypes.

"Design thinking is a non-linear, iterative process which seeks to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test. "Grow your ideas with us today!"


2 Expert Facilitators

Carl UX lead with 22 years experience and Mathias with 10+ years product design experience will be your team’s expert facilitators.

Design thinking at the core

Good design is designed to solve problems and we have implemented new design thinking protocols in all our workshops and courses.

Ideal for agile teams

Coming from agile backgrounds Mathias and Carl show how to implement the UX and UI processes in an agile way such as Scrum

Practical customised projects

All courses are tailored to your company’s workflow and projects. If you have a particular project you want to complete in the course we will build that in

Detailed process checklists

The real ROI comes from your teams being able to do what they learnt, that is we give every person an easy to follow list of processes and checklists.

Invest in your teams

“7 out of 10 people say that training and development opportunities influence their decision to stay with a company”. This course will be a great investment for your company.

Beyond the workshop

“Engaging”, “fun” and “useful” are three words we hear about our UX/UI for teams course and we will continue to support your teams after the course

Ongoing support

Our instructors will support your teams via a private Line group for up to 1 month, they will answer questions and post relevant articles to keep your team inspired.


Available Online / Distance Learning

We are more than happy to answer any question you might have about our courses

Something you want to know about the course? Ask away!

Leave us your contact details. We’ll schedule a quick call to figure out if this course is right for you.

  • We find that messengers are an excellent wath to get in contact and chat about your requirements and run online courses.


Carl Heaton

UX/CX Strategist & Author

Founder of WCB, author, facilitator, consultant, designer and problem solver. Carl’s passion for teaching shows in every minute he is teaching or coaching. His mix of humor and deep experience has helped him teach 100’000’s of students all around the world.


Mathias Hulvén

Senior Product Manager & Designer

Swedish Digital Product Manager and Designer with 10+ years experience managing digital operations & product delivery.
Proven experience of leading digital product teams (EU / Asia) and of strategic design, user experience and interface design.

Send me the Course Outline

We’ll be happy to send you a full course outline and extra information about the course.

Pricing and Packages

Our “for teams” workshops are all fully customized to your companies projects, sector and workflow. Here is how it works:

  • We run a free learning goals workshop where uncover the your teams aims and expectations.
  • We add relevant topics to our core set of topics of the Design Thinking mindset to match your teams needs.
  • Work work on your projects and use them as examples within the course e.g. refactoring some of your teams work.
  • Finally we provide you with an online learning platform that your teams can always access. This includes all the materials used in the course which will be there for your teams to reference at anytime.


  • Choose your own schedule
  • Up to 20 people
  • Learn by doing
  • Work in teams
  • Peer learning
  • Easy to follow templates
  • Step by step Worksheets
  • Online Support
  • Venue with 2 breaks and 1 lunch included per day

12,000 baht (per per person, min 10 max 20)



Accessibility design + 1 day
We will cover how to implement both IOS, Android and WCAG accessibility guidelines.

UX/UI For Teams + 2 day
Helping your company to solve design problems quicker, easier and better.

Design sprints + 2 days
Your teams will know how to run successful sprints, idea add-on after the design thinking workshop.


For more information on how to register for a workshop please contact us below.