Course Overview

This course is targeted at those interest in expanding their knowledge to the realm of digital marketing. Whether you are a business owner, or looking to start your freelance career, we will help you get acquainted with the most popular tools and techniques used in digital marketing today.

This course will give you a solid foundation of digital marketing, covering key concepts, strategies and tools. Tell us your learning goals and begin learning!

Our instructor will cover concepts such as doing a SWOT analysis of your website, the See-Think-Do model, marketing research strategies, Google webmaster tools, secrets of effective blog posts, how to run SEO assessments and UX optimizations, marketing to different personality types, easy online tools for content creation, and content publishing best practices.

SWOT analysis of your website, the See-Think-Do model, marketing research strategies, Google webmaster tools, secrets of effective blog posts, how to run SEO assessments and UX optimizations and many more to master you in digital marketing, let’s expand your knowledge in Digital Marketing and Grow your ideas with us today!"

Why Choose This Course:

This course offers a broad introduction to digital marketing, concepts, tools and strategies that enable you to become an effective online marketer. We will do our best to adapt the course to your individual needs.

Learn the essentials of digital marketing

In this course, you will learn everything you need to become a digital marketer. From SEO assessment and content creation to targeted marketing and UX optimization, we’ve got you covered.

Master digital marketing tools

Become an expert in digital marketing tools such as Google analytics and many others. Tools play an important part in the life of a digital marketer. Learn how to use, and adapt them to suit your needs!

Create Killer Content

Content is king. Creating great shareable content is not hard. In fact, it’s easy. We will train you how to be clear, concise and compelling, creating content which will leave your users coming back for more.

What you will be able to do

  • Implement a comprehensive online marketing strategy for your business
  • Create elaborate and effective content for your website
  • Reach the right customers with the right message
  • Learn what makes Google love your website
  • Create how to create the most effective marketing content
  • Define and track measurable results

Send me the Course Outline

We’ll be happy to send you a full course outline and extra information about the course.

Meet Your Instructor

Evo Terra has been implementing successful digital marketing strategies for over 20 years. In business, he’s been in or adjacent to the C-suite for advertising agencies and marketing departments where he led highly effective teams of media planners, social media practitioners, digital strategists, copywriters, and developers. He’s taught digital marketing at the university level as well as leading workshops, providing seminars, and delivering keynote presentations to marketers all over the world.

teacher evo terra

I see myself as an enabler of creative people, giving them not only inspiration, but also strategies and tactics to put their ideas into action.

In my spare time, I write. I have written, and published many books, including 2.5 books in the “For Dummies” series.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions.


8 Lesson, 3 hrs per lesson over 4 weeks.

  • Jan Course
  • Monday 7th Jan
    4pm - 7pm
  • Wednesday 9th Jan
    4pm - 7pm
  • Friday 11th Jan
    4pm - 7pm
  • Monday 14th Jan
    4pm - 7pm
  • Wednesday 16th Jan
    4pm - 7pm
  • Friday 18th Jan
    4pm - 7pm
  • Monday 21st Jan
    4pm - 7pm
  • Wednesday 23rd Jan
    4pm - 7pm
  • Booking


All our courses come with loads of extras designed to help you learn in the best way for you. This includes:

  • Help and support during and after your course from your instructor.
  • Welcome to come in and work at the school during your time with us.
  • Reference worksheets for you to not only practice your skills and refer back for quick answers and reminders.

Friends = Discounts

For group courses, bring a friend and get 500 bht discount on your course. Bring a friend to a private class and get 50% discount on the cost of their course.

Group Class

  • 24 hrs group class
  • Friends = discount
  • Small groups, 8 maximum
  • Set class projects
  • Helpful worksheets
  • Refresher course for free*

18,500 bht 557 USD – 475 EUR

Choose a schedule

Hourly Private Class

  • Private Tuition p/h
  • 1-2-1 with your instructor
  • Choose your own schedule
  • Work on your project
  • Live class recording
  • Free Project consultation

1,750 bht p/h 53 USD – 45 EUR

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