Course Overview

This is a 3-month course, 4 hrs per day, from Monday to Thursday. During the course, you will be trained and equipped with all the skills needed for a web design career. You will be taught by seasoned professionals who have extensive experience in the field.  At the end of the course, we will help you find work as a freelancer or land a job at a design firm.

From your home country, you can now apply for a 3-month tourist visa to study with us. If you need help, we can get you in touch with an agent.  Imagine spending 3 months studying in Bangkok, Thailand at one of the country’s top design school for a web design career!

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This exciting course will take you from complete beginner to being able to work from anywhere in the world. Grow your ideas with us today!"


Your Web Design Career

The course is focused on taking an industry beginner through the stages of becoming a professional web designer, ready to be employed in a design firm or work as a freelancer, in clear easy to follow steps.

Based  on Industry Practices

All our courses have been developed by experienced professionals and include real workplace scenarios.

4 Hours per day, Mon to Thurs

The course runs for 4 hours per day, 4 times per week, giving you time to practice what you have learnt and make the most of your time in Bangkok.

Build a Real Portfolio

One of the most important requirements for gaining work as a Web Professional is having a strong work portfolio, as the course progresses, so will your personal portfolio.

Fantastic materials

The course is focused on taking an industry beginner through the stages of becoming a professional web designer, ready to be employed in a design firm or work as a freelancer, in clear easy to follow steps.

Class Community

With our small in-person groups you will develop a real sense of friendship and community with your classmates.

Join the local tech events

WCB takes part and runs tech events throughout the city and we always love to invite our bootcamp’ers along. 

Travel the Thai Islands

Monday to Thursday 3pm is study time leaving Thur to Sunday the perfect time to explore our stunning islands.


Available Online / Distance Learning

We are more than happy to answer any question you might have about our courses

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What you will be learning is based on our industry expertise. Our course is accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education. The course comes with a fully accredited certification from our school to help you jumpstart your web design career.

We have developed this course over a period of  2 years, and have put a lot of time and effort into making sure it aligns with what the industry needs today. At the end of this course, we are confident you will have the skills to start a web design career.

Senior Instructor Carl Heaton

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We’ll be happy to send you a full course outline and extra information about the course.

Pricing and Packages

The course package price includes everything so there is no hidden costs as the course runs.

  • Help and support during and after your course from your instructor.
  • Welcome to come in and work at the school during your time with us.
  • Video tutorials for you to work at your own pace with a Cup of Tea, Wine or even a Beer.
  • Reference worksheets for you to not only practice your skills and refer back


  • Worksheets
  • Lesson Videos
  • Online Support
  • Student Resource Section
  • Free Co-Learning Space
  • Portfolio Development
  • Job Opportunities

60,000 bht(£1511 – €1693 – $1916)


Visa Costs

The Visa cost at the Royal Thai Embassy is not included in the course cost and is dependent on your nationality.

Accommodation There are many condo/apartment options locally starting from 5,000 bht p/m.

Living Costs Most students can comfortably live in Bangkok from  20,000 bht to 40,000 bht p/m.

Dates and Registration

Our classes are a maximum of 10 people. We keep our classes small to make sure you have enough time with our expert instructors. We are currently accepting only a maximum of 10 students per intake.

  • Feb 202210 am - 12 pm, 1 pm - 3 pm
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