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Start: Mon May 15
start a web design career

Web Design Professional Career

You can now study for a 3 month professional web design course and get a new life skill here at WCB.

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Private 1-2-1 Courses

We’ll design a 1-on-1 course around you and what you want to learn and/or complete.

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Search Engine Optimization

We will improve your Search Engine Optimization skills and help get your site seen and visited.

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Social Media Marketing

Learn how to launch a successful social media marketing campaign.

Start: Fri Mar 10

Google Adwords Essentials

A practical hands-on course which will teach you all the basics of Google Adwords and more.

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Adobe Illustrator Course

Allow us to help you understand Adobe Illustrator and produce amazing graphics.

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Adobe Photoshop

Knowing how to use Adobe Photoshop is essential for any business.

Start: Tue Aug 22

Adobe InDesign Course

Allow us to help you understand Adobe Indesign and produce amazing graphics.

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ui design with sketch

UI Design with Sketch

Learn how to use Sketch, a powerful design tool that is extremely effective for building UI

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UX & UI Design Essentials

Increase your conversions, reduce bounce rates problems, understand & improve your user experience.

Start: Fri Feb 10

WordPress Training

If you don’t already know WordPress you need to take this course now!

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Build it with Us

Take this course and our expert instructor will help you get that dream project made!

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E-Commerce Essentials

This course introduces you to the wonderful world of ‘e-commerce’.

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coding for kids


Introduce your child to the world of web development today

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Learn GIT, one of the best version control system.

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PHP for WordPress

Start making edits to themes and plugins with confidence, come learn PHP for WordPress with us today

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Javascript & JQuery

Learn JavaScript and JQuery, widely used for client-side scripting and also the world's most popular

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PHP Essentials

Learn PHP, one of the most popular coding languages that enables you to generate dynamic page conten

Start: Fri Feb 24

Adobe Lightroom Workshop

Learn the professional software for sorting and enhancing your photographs.

Web Professional 3 Month Course

Do you want to change or start a career as a professional web designer? Have you dreamed of studying in Thailand and starting a career what will allow you complete freedom to travel anywhere with a wifi connection? This excellent course teaches you all you need to know to become a profitable freelancer.