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This week Steffi shows you 10 Cool E-Commerce Websites.


This week I would like to show you 10 Cool E-Commerce Websites. I have chosen a wide spread diversity in product sites, some of them offering famous brand names, others selling creative niche products. The focus for this blog isn’t so much the product itself, but the layout and the innovation behind of each of those cool websites.

Now here are the 10 Cool E-Commerce Websites

Shop Shoeguru


A website for stylish footwear. The look of this e-commerce website is modern and attractive, it has a nice and big rotating banner, a newsletter, and a multimedia section with recent videos and photos about their products.



This website is selling Fingerboard products. It’s about a concept and the yellow color is the center of that concept. All graphics have a a yellow element, giving them a strong personality and coherence. The graphic designs are made by professional designers and they really do look professional!


e-commerce websites

On this website you will find professionally designed pixel and vector icons, for print and web project. You can purchase those icons individually or as sets. IconDeck has a clear shopping layout with a section for purchased items and the total amount at the side.


e-commerce websites

Again, a big brand name website. Have a look at the start page, the design, the coloring of the text, embedded logo, and the section with the different regions. This is quite cool, since different countries (people) will have a different taste in what they like or not. Very thoughtful and smart to include this option on the start-page of a E-commerce website.


e-commerce websites

Now this is a cheerful and funky website! What they sell? Well, give it a go and find it out for yourself… I’m sure you will stumble over lots of funny, cartoon-style faces, which actually represent real people.

The Brown Corporation

e-commerce websites

What an innovative idea one must have to sell a portable, cardboard and eco-friendly toilet in the internet! I love the main logo and the slogan – absolutely creative and well-done, the different slogans on the little boxes itself and lastly the colors. They kind of “suit the business” they are designed for.

Krista’s Creations

krista's creations

Cool website for photo art! Very nice business idea and beautifully designed website. I love the interactive banner with the different letters, fonts, styles etc. Rich variety of patterns and styles to create your very own letter, and of course a shopping basket and even a trash-bin.



On this website you can buy t-shirts, but – you get much more than just t-shirts. Have a look at the designs printed on the shirts! They rely very much on nice typography and minimalistic design, using fresh graphics. And the best thing about it is still to come: for each sold item there is a donation for poor kids in need…. read this part for yourself if you are interested. The website itself has a modern, simple and fashionable look.

Perfect Order


Online store from Japan. Very appealing interactive banner on the right part of the website, menus and paragraph text with hover code. Can’t read Japanese, but the font looks very nice!

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