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Are there any prerequisites?

You don’t need any kind of experience to enroll in our courses. Just bring your laptop with the appropriate software or we have school computers that you can use its your choice , just inform our booking team and they will allocate you one, then you are ready to learn.

Are you an accredited school?

Web Courses Bangkok is an internationally accredited multimedia education center and a Accredited School with the Thai Ministry of Education,  providing professional web design and development courses for individual and corporate clients in Bangkok.

Can I get a student visa?

Our Web Professional course is now completed and has the approval of the Thai Ministry of Education. Contact us for more information.

Do I get a certificate?

Participants of group courses receive a certificate of completion upon full attendance of the course.

Do many students at Web Courses come from other countries?

We have welcomed people from Thailand, South Africa, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Bhutan, Ghanda, America, India, France, Spain, Italy and Iran to mention a few. We are proud to be, and always will be, a truly international web and graphic design training centre.

Does Web Courses Bangkok offer hard copies for the courses that you teach?

Every class uses a blend of teaching techniques and we back everything up with either a video tutorial, worksheet, presentation or a collection of links on our resources site. We fully record every session so you have video to watch at home so you don`t forget anything. So please bring a thumb drive so we can save the video on it for you.

How do I get a discount?

You will get a 5% discount if you come back and take another course with us. Or you can bring a friend and receive a 5% discount for the course you’re taking.

How do I register for courses?

Browse through the various courses we provide and fill in the booking forms at the bottom of the course page and we will contact you as soon as we can.

I am not sure if I want to take a class, can I observe the class before I enroll?

You are more than welcome to observe one of our classes , the duration of observation is one hour for that session.

How long does it take to complete a course?

All our courses are 12 hours long. These 12 hours can be divided depending on whether you take the group course (which will be divided into 3 hour sessions per day, two days a week, hence two weeks long) or the private course (in which the students get the freedom to decide the timings according to their personal schedules and learning capabilities).

How many students attend Web Courses Bangkok?

Web Courses Bangkok has approximately  20-30 students every month, and we are glad to say this number increases every year.

How will I know if the course suits me ?

University student: many of our students are currently at University or about to go to University , either working on there skills to suit there degree or improve there skills so they ready and more confident before attending University

Business person: either starting a business or engaging someone to work for you Business, having Knowledge from our courses is essential for getting the best results.

Changing career: Changing your career path at any stage in life is a big decision so having the support from us to train an advise, helps you become who you want to be.

Hobby: Some people have a hobby project they are wanting to develop, which is a nice relaxed way to learn and realize your project while you are learning.

Refresh skill: We are all aware how fast the tech industry is advancing so if its been a few years out of the sector, refreshing your skills is essential for keeping up to date.

Skills expand: You may already be working in IT and want to expand into different areas or just looking for more life skills, continual learning through life is so important as IT at home and at work overlap more and more.

I am not sure if I want to take a class, can I observe the class before I enroll?

You are more than welcome to observe our class , duration of observation is one hour for that session.

What internship opportunities does Web Courses offer?

We are always interested in former students and willing web enthusiasts to enroll in our internship program. Contact us for more information.

What is the difference between your courses and other classes offered somewhere else?

All of our teachers are passionate about what they do and this comes across in our teaching style. We have taught entry level beginners right through to trainees setting up their own web design agencies. We will even help you with your personal projects if needed.

What kind of experience do the teachers at Web Courses have?

Our teachers come from multi-cultural backgrounds with years of teaching experience. You will be well taught in every course we provide.

What language are the courses taught in?

All of our programs are taught in English, as we receive students from all over the world.

What local accommodation is available?

We have an excellent choice of either hotels or service apartments, we can even help you find a condo. Contact us for more information when you book your course.

Where are you located?

Web Courses Bangkok, Nude Jeh, 1028/5 Pongamorn Building, Rama 4, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

What kind of experience do the teachers at Web Courses have?

Our teachers come from professional backgrounds with years of industry knowledge and teaching experience. Giving our Students the best possible results from there lessons with us.

What language are the courses taught in?

All of our lessons are taught in English, as our students are from all over the world But of course, we can teach in Thai too.

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