WCB Academy General Manager
Job Opening

The aim of this position is to help WCB move forward in a meaningful and focused manner.


  • Full-time position 
  • 9am to 6pm (12-1 lunch & 3:00 to 3:30pm break) 
  • 40,000 – 60,000 baht per month standard salary
  • Work Permit Available
  • National Thai holidays & Christmas and New Years
  • Bonus scheme for filling Bootcamps and Pro courses


  • Manage the day to day running of the school to ensure our high quality of service remains and improves
  • Works proactively with the administration team to ensure they have support and all the details they need to suggest courses and take bookings 
  • Ensuring the environment is maintained to a high quality 
  • Managing and coordinating projects such as new course development, marketing and administration tasks
  • Identify any materials, resources or stationary needed to improve the quality of teaching and life for students and staff
  • Working with administration staff to create reports on academy occupation, course attendance 
  • Managing the company Trello for overall company management and assigning of tasks to both owners, teachers, interns and administration staff
  • Helping sell to prospective students and supporting administration staff with any online questions
  • Performance reviews for teachers, remote and administration team members


  • Working with the team to create an overall marketing strategy and ensuring its implementation 
  • Managing the company marketing trello board and working with content creators and remote/interns to ensure content is posted
  • Managing the team in charge of running social media profiles and including Google Business listings
  • Ensuring the quality of information added to the CRM 
  • Working with staff to implement proactive marketing based on the data within our CRM
  • Creating ROI reports based on spend for marketing of courses
  • Ensuring that website and print media are up-to-date, accurate and promote sales
  • Implementing the new Tech Tree brand 

Teacher Management

  • Sourcing and interviewing new teachers 
  • Taking part in the test lessons to ensure any teachers joining the team meet the high standard of teaching we must maintain
  • Ensuring that teachers have the relevant information about their students and or group courses
  • Supporting the booking team in providing teachers with lesson plans and course materials. Where required this position requires the candidate to create the materials or work with SME’s.
  • Project managing the creation of courses and ensuring they meet the demands of the industry, trainees and MOE. 
  • Implementing a naming matrix to track and update all courses materials


  • We expect the candidate to also be able to take on private classes (this should not exceed XX hours per week and any teaching done after 6pm will be at the standard teacher rate as additional to your salary)
  • Group and Bootcamp courses will be managed by other teachers but incase of an emergency the academy manager will be willing to step in to support the class. 


Lumpini MRT – Web Courses Bangkok – Accredited School of Technology and Design. See our full contact info here

WCB Academy General Manager