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The point of having a website and online marketing tools is to reach people and I believe most web designers and online marketers would do anything to reach as many of them. The idea of creating an accessible website along with maximizing online marketing tools is incredibly interesting.Benjamin Powell

I had a chance to speak with an Tech Entrepreneur and Bangkok SEO, Benjamin Powell at Web Courses Bangkok. He was more than happy to answer my questions on the topic of “how to encourage participation of website visitors.”

Having The Right Attitude

The right attitude is to implement web design and online marketing plans with calls for action to approach the goal. To get our web visitors to do what we want, calls for action is the key. Give them directions and use calls for action to your advantage.

Web developers can use the cool and new online marketing technologies as they are easily accessible. Starting with Facebook, an online social network that has over 500 million registered users, Facebook Fan Page is well-designed for online marketers to enjoy its functions.

Custom Facebook Fanpages


Ben recommended me to check out Red Bull Facebook Fan Page for an example of an attractive, successful Static FBML that rocks for the calls for action technique. The site brings people who have not yet clicked its ‘like’ button to an attractive landing page. They see fancy arrows pointing toward the ‘like’ button on the top with a big white text in red background that read “LIKE OUR PAGE. HINT, HINT.” This example inspired me to customize Facebook Fan Page by implementing Static FBML to create an active landing page which can get more interaction and bring traffic from Facebook to the website.

This example inspired me to customize Facebook Fan PageFinn – 9FilmFest

Adding Static FBML to Facebook application is easy and you will have the space provided ready for your online marketing plans. It is worth to spend your time creating attractive content, image, video or even java script on Static FBML tab that may gives optimistic consequences of calling for actions.

Entice Your Visitors With Offers

Gifts for VisitorsOne suggestion from Ben is to make an offer somewhere and you can expect a better turn around for any call for action that you ask through a landing page. Simply offer something that other people would find useful. Then you want to give it away for free in an exchange for calls for action. Write a persuasive copy to convince your visitors to be involved with what you are offering. Avoid using a word ‘free’ and I believe there are many of its synonyms out there in the vocabulary world, otherwise some people will see it as a spam which obviously does not worth their time to take action. Once they actually opted-in, you can get a better connection for upcoming promotions you have. The more often you make an offer, the more participation will be. I believe it is a matter of feeding people what they want, and they will give you what you want in return.

I believe it is a matter of feeding people what they want, and they will give you what you want in return. Finn – 9FilmFest

It is also important to remember that a website designed with user-friendly that can work better with mobile devices such as BlackBerries and iPhones. As these devices are gaining more popularity and becoming a part of daily gadgets, they can always add a bonus as your alternative online marketing tools as it allows visitors to easily access your website from their phones. I am positive that online marketers would want their website to be a part of visitors’ daily habits.

Create a Viral Buzz

BuzzOne last thing, I believe we all have seen or heard of viral marketing campaigns. I have always been interested to participate in viral content whether it is a video, article or a game. These things could be added to your online marketing plan as it is an amazing way to generate a huge amount of buzz and participation to your website.

Author: Finn Patharapath

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