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We won’t let Covid-19 stop your progress! Find out about our new online training programs.


It turns out that learning online can actually be quite engaging. If you have been looking for a way to keep learning and developing your skills during the current difficult climate then our new live online courses will help you to continue to grow your skills.

Using the very popular Zoom we have optimize now courses to work online. with tools like Miro, Figma and Google Suite ee have been able to make our courses truly engaging.

Watch this one minute video on our senior teacher Carl teaches the web professional course through Zoom.

How to get started

All you have to do to request an online course is click here and fill out the form.
You just need to tell us which courses you are interested in and when you want to learn.


You will be greeted by our booking team and they can help confirm your dates and times.

Now that we’re teaching online we can teach you from anywhere in the world, so do let us know which time zone you’re in.

Preparation is easy

1. The day before class, we will send each online participant the Zoom meeting link
2. The link will prompt you to download Zoom for free (5 minutes or less).
3. Try to download it before the class so you can jump right into the lesson on-time. If you need any help at all just email [email protected]
4. Log into the meeting at least 15 minutes before the class starts so you can chat with your teacher if you need.

Why do we choose Zoom?

  • Watch and hear the instructor’s screen real-time
  • For group classes you can also see all your co-learners
  • Speak to the instructor using your computer audio, phone, or external microphone. You don’t need anything special as most laptops come with a great webcam and microphone
  • Sharing your screen can be super useful when you need the instructors help with a problem or if you want to present your ideas to the class
  • Allow the instructor to temporarily take control of your computer for those tricky moments when you can’t see the colon missing in your code or the tool in Photoshop you need to press
  • The best part is that you can record every minute of your lessons directly to your own computer to watch anytime you need.

Is learning Online better or worse than live classes?

  • Short answer is that live classes will always have a special connection that online classes miss. The downside is that you have to be present at the school
  • Online classes are fun, engaging and with today’s tools you can learn just as many skills as during live classes
  • Throughout the training, there will be a live instructor present to perform demonstrations and guide you through class projects
  • Our online classes are all live, hands-on and you will be working on real life projects.
  • With chat, live audio/video, annotations, share screen and more you will safe and supported while learning online with us

Available Online / Distance Learning

We are more than happy to answer any question you might have about our courses

Something you want to know about the course? Ask away!

Leave us your contact details. We’ll schedule a quick call to figure out if this course is right for you.

  • We find that messengers are an excellent wath to get in contact and chat about your requirements and run online courses.

Classes/courses during COVID-19

  • Better safe than sorry, they always say. That’s why at WCB we are teaching online until we can be sure it is safe to open the school in Lumpini Bangkok.
  • So right now Web Courses is your new online training partner and as soon as we are able to open again we will be running course as we have done for 12 years.
  • To sign-up for a curse you simply complete this form and our team will get back to you.
  • All our web design, development, graphic design and digital marketing courses are available online. We are also moving our photography and video editing courses online.
  • What is it like to learn online? Check out our short video below.

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All you have to do to request an online course is click here and fill out the form.
You just need to tell us which courses you are interested in and when you want to learn.



Thi from Thailand lets us know about his great experience and the path he took to become a professional web designer.

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