Dawn can now:

  • Effectively plan a web site
  • Put a site live on the web
  • Use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create brochures, flyers and even web page designs.
  • Work with PHP and MySQL

Courses taken by Dawn:


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About Dawn

We have been very lucky to work with Dawn from the very beginning. After just 1 lesson Dawn was hooked and she is now creating professional web sites for her business and charity. After completing the Beginners course Dawn moved back to Cambodia. She than began flying over to Bangkok for a a series of 1-2-1 and online classes.

Dawn was also the first Trainee to try our new Online classes where she worked with one of instructors remotely from Cambodia. Her biggest achievement has been creating a recruitment web site to support her children’s sanctuary and we are proud to have helped achieve her goals and more.

How did you find Web Courses Bangkok?

Web search. Watched the video cast with Carl on homepage and was immediately drawn by his energy, his enthusiasm, and the courses on offer which met my needs.

What made you choose us?

Web Courses BKK seemed professional, dynamic, up-to-date and had courses for beginners like me.

Why was you looking for a Web Course?

To gain the skills which would allow me to update my own website, as well as create new ones from scratch.

How have our courses helped you or your business?

An innovative webpage is now critical to the success of a business; its appearance, content and functionality can make or break a company. I learnt that an effective website must quickly grab the attention of visitors and display its content in a manner which is simple, easy to navigate, and which holds their interest long enough for them to become familiar with the company’s message.

As a part of the course, I was taught various ways to promote my business online which is essential as a  good website is of no use if not marketed wisely. The instructors were full of innovative ideas and provided a multitude of fascinating and relevant links. I also learnt the importance of web standards, something that is overlooked by many web developers, but which is fundamental to superior web design.

What did you like most about our service?

The information was relevant and current, was presented clearly and concisely and was easy to work through. The instructors’ skill and enthusiasm made the learning straightforward and truly enjoyable. Importantly, the follow up support has been wonderful, with instructors responding promptly to my queries. And the additional one to one lessons via Skype have been very convenient and valuable.

What has been your best achievement with your new skills?

Learning to update my websites as required and not having to wait and pay for a developer; making a website from scratch; making my own posters and other advertising print material.

What advise would you give anyone reading this and thinking of coming to Web Courses Bangkok?

Don’t hesitate. It’s a lot of fun and you gain the vital skills to present and market your business professionally.