Ankita can now:

  • Make money from Web Design
  • Effectively plan a web site
  • Make professional web sites using HTML & CSS

Courses taken by Ankita:


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About Ankita

If you are wanting a change of career Web Courses Bangkok can make it happen, this is what we did for Ankita. After completing only Beginner and Intermediate courses Ankita was confident enough to take on paid projects.

How did you find Web Courses Bangkok?

I found out about Web Courses Bangkok  through a friend and recommended I check out the Web Courses Bangkok website.

What made you choose us?

I chose Web Courses Bangkok because the courses were taught in English and were very well structured/planned. Depending on my needs, there are a variety of courses to choose from.

Why was you looking for a Web Course?

I was to keen to develop my web and graphic skills but didn’t know where to start. I decided to take the Beginners web design course as a starting point.

How have our courses helped you or your business?

The Beginner & Intermediate web courses has helped me design a full website for a company. It has also provided me with more job opportunities and presented me with a new, marketable skill set for future employers / jobs.

What did you like most about our service?

I liked the instructors – they were really friendly and helpful. No matter what question / issue I had, they tried to find a solution.  I also found the screen casts & tutorials really helpful because they were so clear and step-by-step, I could I apply what I learned in class to my own web projects.

What has been your best achievement with your new skills?

The biggest achievement: being able to build a complete website from scratch and taking it live!

What advise would you give anyone reading this and thinking of coming to Web Courses Bangkok?

If you are interested in web / graphic design but don’t know where to start – try WCB. It will provide you with a solid foundation and good guidance so you don’t feel lost / overwhelmed.
Also very important – make sure you have your own project that you can work on individually outside of class to apply all the skills / tools you learn, I found this to be the best and fastest way to learn.