Troy can now:

  • Effectively plan a web site
  • Put a site live on the web
  • Use Adobe Photoshop
  • Create effective web sites
  • Manage e-commerce web sites

Courses taken by Troy:

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About Troy

Troy is a Hotel Owner that wanted to built is own business website.

That brought him to us.

How did you find Web Courses Bangkok?

It was a simple google search for “Web design courses in Bangkok”.

What made you choose us?

I figured whoever ranks at or near the top of the search, has a good looking, informative and professional website must know what they’re doing. After exchanging a few emails, the fact that classes are taught in English, kept to a maximum of six students, held in the evening after work, and the location assured me that Web Courses Bangkok was the right place for me.

Why was you looking for a Web Course?

I wanted to learn the basics, or to find out how it all works. I felt like the internet was such a big part of my everyday life but yet I had absolutely no knowledge of even the first step of creating a website. Originally I thought it could be a new hobby, perhaps until an idea for something more serious came along.

How have our courses helped you or your business?

I can do so much more now than I had ever expected to when I first signed up. After the beginner’s course I started a simple website to compile my food recipes, this way I will have access to all my recipes in one place, wherever I am. This was also a really great way to practice my HTML and CSS skills and helped me to remember what I was taught in class.

As for my business, I have built from scratch a new website for my resort, The Sarann Koh Samui. The old website was created more than 2 years ago, and I paid an outside company a lot of money to have it done. Since then I could not make any changes without hiring someone to do it for me. I also found the process of having someone else fix design elements on a website very tedious and frustrating, because of all the back and forth communication that you have to do with them. This time it was so much better for me mentally, and of course, financially.

What did you like most about our service?

The instructors. They have all done an amazing job at making something that was such a mystery to me seem less intimidating and more fun. I never thought I could have grasped the concept of web design and coding this quickly, let alone enjoy it as much as I do. The help I have been receiving for my own project outside of class has been really great. Having taken a few courses here now, I can really tell how enthusiastic and passionate they are about teaching.

What has been your best achievement with your new skills?

Definitely the new website for my resort. I have used the knowledge and skills from the courses, along with other techniques that I learnt from tutorials and books I read on my own time. It’s HTML and CSS, with some CSS3 and JQuery plugins thrown in. The look of the website is exactly how I want it, and I’m quite proud of all the work that went into coding the site (although it wasn’t without difficulty in some parts, but with a bit of help by email withWCB I knew it wasn’t beyond what I know). The best thing about it though, is knowing that I have put my new skills into good use professionally.

What advise would you give anyone reading this and thinking of coming to Web Courses Bangkok?

Don’t assume that you won’t be able to tackle this. At least try out the beginner’s course and you will find out if this is for you or not. If it is, be warned — you’ll be hooked and wanting more.