Christian can now:

  • Effectively plan a web site
  • Create a portfolio site
  • Contribute to web developer meetings
  • Create professional logos using
    Adobe Illustrator
  • Make professional web sites using
    HTML & CSS
  • Using online marketing to tools

Courses taken by Christian:

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About Christian

Christian is the Marketing Manager of one of the most popular sites here in Thailand and a leader in tourism. As part of his job Christian regularly attended development meeting with the web team, while he had experience using the web he wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the technologies used today. After completing our Beginner and Intermediate courses he now knows what is going on from a technical standpoint.

Christian gets bored easily so when he is not running, cycling, drumming or tackling 2000 stairs he is a keen Photographer. Thanks to our courses Christian can now create online portfolios of his work and keep him entertained!

How did you find Web Courses Bangkok?

Facebook advertisement.

What made you choose us?

A combination of the website / timing / type of classes and yes as well the fact that the classes were run in English and by foreigners did help a LOT in the selection. The location / venue of the classes was important as well since I do work on a (more than) full time schedule.

Why was you looking for a Web Course?

Well – what to say – am I afraid to get bored, or do I always want to develop / learn more. No, to be honest, I do work for an web-based line of business and was a bit tired of not having a clue what people were talking about in development meetings. In addition, I have for a long time been developing the basics of my own website and I should still take a decent step ahead and re-design it from scratch.

How have our courses helped you or your business?

See above, in principle the main help was that I was no longer too singled out in discussions and development meetings. Although I am not directly involved in programming / coding, it is always of advantage to use common language.

What did you like most about our service?

Instructors, Customer Service, Support… Instructors are passionate ! and that is something rather rare in these regions.

What has been your best achievement with your new skills?

No real achievements to date – a head full of ideas, a couple of domain names on hand and … plenty of opportunities ahead!

What advise would you give anyone reading this and thinking of coming to Web Courses Bangkok?

Definitely the right place to go if time / budget allows. The way the classes are done and the small groups allow a steady growth, albeit with proper guidance and support from the instructors.