Booking unconfirmedd status: Course and learning hours will be agreed from both sides. This can be made by phone or emails.

Booking confirmed status: Once payment receipt is sent to us. The booking status will become confirmed. 

Reservation for courses: At least 50 % deposit must be made to WCB at least one week before the course starts. Paid customers are given priority.

Removing disruptive trainees: To ensure the quality and mental health of a group WCB has the authority to remove anyone they feel is endangering the other trainees aims or ability for our instructors to feel safe and work in a positive class. That person will be given a refund for any remaining hours.

Verbal agreement: is not confirmation of booking.

Transferring hours: Once a booking has been agreed / deposit paid any amounts of money transferred will pertain to that particular course and not be transferable to any other course.

Longevity of bookings: bookings are only valid for up to 1 year. For example, if you have purchased private hours and do not use them for 1 year these hours will need to be re-purchased.

Reservation for a private course: A 100% deposit must be made to WCB as soon as the booking is made. Priority will be given to paid customers.

Refund policy: all fees are non-refundable; except if WCB cannot start the course on the agreed date

Transfer fees: WCB will not responsible for any PayPal fees, international transfer fees.

How to choose the dates and times: To confirm the booking dates, the suitable date will be agreed from both sides.

Class cancellation*: WCB has the right to cancel a class without informing unconfirmed customers or unpaid customers in advance.

Class cancellation by student: Less than a day cancellation will be not eligible for cancellation confirmation. Student still has to pay for that hour. Deposit is non-refundable in any circumstances.

Lesson date change: Booking team will not be responsible for any booking via other parties such as teachers. 

Recommended Minimum Booking: To give you the best opportunity to learn we require a minimum of a 3 hour booking. This means we cannot accept bookings for 1 or 2 hours.

Payment details: WCB accepts 5 payment options: Cash, Cheque, Money transfer, PayPal (available online only), Visa (available online only).

Credits card payment: 3% charges will be added to the original fees. Booking office will receive only chip and pin card only.

Payment on arrival: Payment will be made at the front desk before the lesson starts.

How to confirm the booking: 

Step 1: A full payment course before the session starts, there are 3 ways of making the payment: cash, bank transfer, or PayPal at “[email protected]“.

Step 2: Payment confirmed by customer showing us payment receipt by this email.

Step 3: To show the officially booking by confirmation email will be sent to customer.


Bank Details:

Bank: Kasikorn Bank

Name: Web Consulting Bangkok

Branch: Sukhumvit 21

Account number: 611-2-04400-9





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