By Carl Heaton

“I’d really like to thank Web Courses Bangkok for the digital marketing training I attended.

At the beginning my goal was very simple, I was working also as administrator/coach At Liverpool academy for kids in Egypt, and I wanted to really improve myself professionally in the digital marketing career and actually during evolution of the course and at the end I figured out that I can do a lot more, which was absolutely not in my mind at the beginning.

This course gave me the key concepts, and knowledges and I was so passionate with the content of the lectures that all the team provided (Mark, Mink etc..) that I worked very hard on myself everyday after the lectures.

“This experience gave me a lot of new knowledge that I was not even expecting to receive and the motivation to improve myself more and more in this field.”

Nowadays officially I am Social Media Consultant for Liverpool academy in Cairo and I am gaining more and more responsibilities.

I was applying the concepts I learnt directly during the period of the course and I have more trust from them thanks to the evolution of the facebook page I am managing for them for example, and the most important I reached a point were I am building my own Digital Marketing agency in Cairo, with one of my friend (We are now moving on in the process to register the company officially).

The company name is SDMA (Sight digital marketing agency)

I know that this career shift would have never happened if I didn’t landed by luck on the website of Web Courses Bangkok (efficient keywords by the way), and i really wanted to thank you again for the knowledges I gained thanks to my teachers and all the door, and new perspectives that appeared in front of me following to the course.”

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About The Author


He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.