Paws Bangkok

By Carl Heaton

Thank you to the Ajarn Carl and his student team to help create the new website for us at PAWS Bangkok. We had initially met with the student team (Kristoff, Dana and Jess) to discuss face-to-face what elements we thought would be very important for our new website.

After a couple weeks we all met once again to go over the general layout to review if there were any elements missing and with a few more email exchanges they were able to show us the final product!

There is a lot of information and content we wanted on the website and Kristoff, Dana and Jess were able to execute a well thought out and beautifully designed website.

As if the website wasn’t enough after the initial meeting Kristoff’s enthusiasm led him to email Jackson Galaxy (of Animal Planet’s ‘My Cat From Hell’) to ask for a picture/quote about our work with street cats which eventually led to a shelter visit during his Asia promotional tour! A very amazing coincidence and we are so thankful.


– Catherine Costa, PAWS Bangkok


PAWS Bangkok



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He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.