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Laura from Webcoursesbangkok in this tutorial will teach how to create the effect of liquid plastic on Photoshop..

This tutorial is really quick and simple. I will show you the way to apply a Liquid Plastic effect to objects using Photoshop.

This is the final image we’re going to create:

Here is how to make it:

1. Click here , download the image and open your file with Photoshop. Unlock the background layer: double click on the “Background” layer and named it “glasses”. Then create a new layer under “glasses” layer, name it “Background” and fill it with white color.

2. Using the Eyedropper Tool to get a color sample from the bottom part of the glasses.

3. Select the Pen Tool in the Shape layers mode and draw some falling drops on the bottom part of the glasses. Then fill it using the same color selected before.

4. Rasterize the shape layers by clicking on  Layer > Rasterize > Shape. Now select the Burn Tool with this attributes: brush 15px, range Highlights and Exposure about 40%. Make the bottom parts of drops a little bit darken.

5. After that select the Dodge Tool with this attributes: brush 10px – Range Midtones and Exposure 30% and draw a little line just above the darker parts.

5. Click on Layer > Layer Style and apply a drop shadow to the shape layer with the following attributes:

6. Now merge the two shape layers in order to have all the effects in the same layer. After that select the Eraser Tool with a soft brush (around 30-40%) remove the border between the shape layer and the lenses.

Well done!


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