Web Development Courses

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Start: Sat Sep 02

Coding for Kids

Introduce your child to the world of web development with this great course.

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Web Development Training

Get in-depth with web development. Our instructors will help you master the tools of your choice.

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Learn GIT, the most widely used modern version control system in the world today.

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Learn iPhone app development with SWIFT, and be able to create applications for use by millions.

Start: Tue Jul 04

PHP for WordPress

Learn PHP for WordPress and start making edits to themes and plugins with confidence.

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Javascript & JQuery

Learn JQuery and JavaScript, one of the world's most popular programing languages for the web.

Start: Thu Aug 03

PHP Essentials

Learn PHP, one of the most popular coding languages, enabling you to generate dynamic page content.

Web Professional in  our 12 Week Intensive Course

Do you want to change or start a career as a professional web designer? Have you dreamed of studying in Thailand and starting a career what will allow you complete freedom to travel anywhere with a wifi connection? You will learn everything from UX to UI design and then onto Web Development. The last section of the course focuses on the business side by teaching you how to be a professional freelancer.